Note: LinkedIn integration is available only on the Growth and the Enterprise plans.

Why LinkedIn integration?

LinkedIn is one of the best ways to connect with prospects as it's full of opportunities. With that in mind, we've added LinkedIn to our multi-channel prospecting lists in Klenty.

In a Klenty Cadence, apart from the three channels (emails, calls, and tasks), you can now also include LinkedIn tasks as a step.

Available LinkedIn tasks:

  • Send connection request

  • View profile

  • Send message

  • Send In-mail

  • Sync Responses

Are the LinkedIn tasks fully automated or semi-automated?

The tasks are semi-automated, i.e., the tasks are scheduled for all the prospects added to your Cadence. After which, you can complete the tasks one by one in a single click and skip all the middle steps.

Why are the tasks semi-automated?

LinkedIn's policy does not allow automation. Hence, Klenty semi-automates the LinkedIn execution to imitate a human being while reducing your time 8x times more than what you would otherwise spend identifying prospects, their Linkedin profiles, and sending messages.

Prerequisites for these tasks to work:

  • Each prospect you wish to reach out to must have their LinkedIn profile URL. You can add the profile to Klenty's prospect field "LinkedIn URL."

  • You can only send In-mails if you're on the LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

  • Keep a LinkedIn account logged in and open it on the same browser as your Klenty app.

How to add LinkedIn tasks in a Cadence?

  • Create a Cadence > Click Add LinkedIn Task > choose any of the four tasks.

  • You can also include a message if you're sending a connection request. You can further personalize the message using Placeholders.

  • You could do the same for sending a message and In-mail as well.

How to execute LinkedIn tasks in Klenty?

1. Once you create LinkedIn tasks, you can view them both on the Cadence and the main Tasks page. You can click on the Start Tasks button to start completing the tasks.

2. Once you click on Start Tasks, the Task details page opens, where you can see the details of the concerned prospect and the task.

3. The Go-to LinkedIn button at the bottom of the page will navigate you to the prospect's LinkedIn profile, from where you can execute the LinkedIn tasks manually.

4. Whereas if you choose to execute the tasks using the LinkedIn plugin, it runs the tasks one by one automatically on your approval. We strongly suggest you download the plugin from chrome for a 1-click execution.

5. Once you open the plugin, your tasks will appear, as shown in the below screenshot.

6. Click on the Start Tasks button.

7. The tasks will open one by one from where you can execute the tasks you scheduled.

8. For example, to execute the Send Connection Request tasks, just click Connect on LinkedIn.

9. If you have a message saved along with the Connect Request, both the message and the connection request will be sent.

10. If you want to skip the task, click "Mark as complete". You will then be directed to the next task scheduled.

Sync Responses in the LinkedIn plugin:

What is Sync Responses?

Sync Responses tracks and syncs your LinkedIn responses and delivers them directly to your Multi-channel Inbox upon request.

You will be able to sync responses every 10 minutes.

How to Sync Responses using the plugin?

1. Click on Sync Responses on the plugin to start the sync to Klenty.

2. Once you click on it, your responses will start syncing and be displayed on the plugin.

3. You can also find the same in your Multi-channel Inbox in Klenty.

4. You can also Log Outcomes and decide on the next steps accordingly.

5. If you click on the message, you will be able to see the prospect's details and their response.

Please do reach out to Klenty support if you have any questions.

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