(Note: This integration is in closed beta and can be enabled on request. It is available only in the Growth and the Enterprise plans).

Why LinkedIn integration?

Linkedin is one of the best ways to connect with prospects as it's so full of opportunities. With that in mind, we've added Linkedin as a channel of outreach in Klenty.

In a Klenty cadence, apart from the three channels (emails, calls, tasks), you can now add another channel (Linkedin task) as a step.

Available Linkedin tasks:

  • Send connection request

  • View profile

  • Send message

  • Send Inmail

Are the tasks fully automated/ semi-automated?

The tasks are semi-automated, which means they are scheduled for all the prospects you add to your cadence, after which you can complete the tasks one by one.

Why semi-automated?

Linkedin's policy does not allow automation. Klenty provides the ability to quickly execute the tasks, reducing the time you would otherwise spend on identifying prospects, their Linkedin profiles, and the messages you want to send.

Prerequisite for these tasks to work:

  • Each prospect you wish to reach out to must have their Linkedin profile URL. You can add the profile to the Klenty prospect field LinkedIn URL

  • You can only send Inmails if you're on the LinkedIn premium subscription/ Sales Navigator

  • Make sure you're logged in to your Linkedin account when you start the tasks.

How to add these tasks in a cadence?

  • Create a cadence > click on Add LinkedIn Task > choose any one of the four tasks

  • If you're sending a connection request, you can include a message as well. You can further personalize the message using placeholders.

To know more about executing these scheduled LinkedIn tasks click here

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