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Linking Prospect List to a Cadence - An automated Workflow
Linking Prospect List to a Cadence - An automated Workflow

Learn how to chain Prospect Lists to Cadences

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List automation enables you to chain a prospect list directly to a cadence so that when you import new prospects into Klenty and add them to a particular list these prospects will automatically be added to the cadence the list is chained to.

This works when you move a prospect from one list to the other given the prospect status condition is satisfied. Also If you set this up for an existing list that is already in Klenty then only the new prospects that are added to the list will be started in the cadence using the automation.

How to set up?

Go to the Playbooks section of the cadence you want to chain the prospect list to:

Choose +Create a Playbook:

Select the Trigger Prospect is Added to a List and from the Dropdown choose the Prospect List you want to add to the cadence:

Select the corresponding Prospect status from the Dropdown. This will work as a condition for the trigger selected above.

Select Confirm to save the Playbook created:

Once you do this, Klenty will automatically add any new Prospects from the list to the linked Cadence.

Sometimes you can find the prospects not added to the linked Cadence. You can check if the prospect was contacted earlier by a different cadence or if the placeholder values are missing for the prospects.

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