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Hippo Video Integration
Hippo Video Integration

This article describes how to integrate Hippo Video with Klenty.

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Benefits of sending a personalized video in email:

Personalization is the holy grail of sales outreach. But with the inbox becoming a crowded space, for your messages to stand out in your prospect's inbox, you have to take the personalization game to the next level.

In the quest to win the personalization game, more and more salespeople have started using videos in sales emails – like embedding a recorded video or having a personalized GIF or static image as a thumbnail, etc. This strategy is reaping higher click-through and reply rates because videos create a more personal connection with your prospects.

So, it's time to start speaking to your prospects using videos in your emails and experience the difference. Record and send videos to your prospects directly from Klenty using the Hippo Video integration.

Integrating Hippo Video with Klenty:

Currently, you can only integrate a Hippo Video account having the same username (login email ID) as that of your Klenty account. For e.g., if the login email ID of your Klenty account is, you can only integrate a Hippo Video account having the same login email ID –

Also, this integration is available only from the Growth plan in Klenty. If you'd like to use the various personalization features offered by them you are required to have a paid plan of Hippo Video. You can find more details about their plan features and pricing here.

To integrate, head to Settings > Integrations > Hippo Video > Connect > Setup Integration > Connect

Once access is provided, you can find the Hippo Video connected to Klenty.

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