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Syncing call results from Klenty to CRM (All CRM's)
Syncing call results from Klenty to CRM (All CRM's)

This article describes how you can log a call results and shows you how it looks in various CRMs.

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Once you save a call, its outcome can be logged, if the status is set as Answered. This can also be done from the Main Calls page > Completed section or from within the Cadence > Calls section.

However, to log the call outcome in your CRM, you would need to toggle on the Call created/updated trigger by heading to Settings > CRM > Triggers.

Now, let's see how the logged outcome looks like in various CRMs:

1. Pipedrive

2. HubSpot

3. Zoho

4. Salesforce

Note: For Salesforce, you would first need to enable a field called Call Result from your Salesforce settings.

For the same, head to Setup > Settings > Security > Field Accessibility > Task > View by Fields > Field = Call Result > Custom: Sales Profile > Editable > Check the box - Visible > Save. PFB a screenshot.

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