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Observer - view-only access
Observer - view-only access

Actions possible in an Observer role

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If you're looking to just monitor the activities of your team in Klenty and not send out any emails, then you can opt for an Observer seat/ role. It's priced at $10/ month.

You can reach out to your account manager or drop us a line through live chat if you'd want to set up an Observer account.

What are the actions possible in an Observer role?

  • Create and delete cadences

  • Setup playbooks

  • Import prospects

  • Add/ remove tags

  • Add/ remove team members

  • Monitor the emails, calls, tasks, and reports of other users

  • Link and rent numbers

  • Export reports

  • Stop prospects from cadence

  • Create lists

Actions that can not be performed by an Observer:


  • Delete, export, assigning prospects to other users

  • Adding prospects to list

  • Deleting lists

  • Set up auto-import


  • Add prospects to cadence

  • Edit and publish changes

  • Preview and start cadence

  • Resume cadence

  • Send test emails

  • Change ownership

  • Disable playbooks

  • Archive cadence


  • Approve, overrule, retry emails


  • Start, delete, schedule, reschedule calls

  • Add call logs

  • Complete calls

  • Export


  • Create, edit, delete, reschedule tasks


  • Export live feed

  • Cannot start to-do list activities


  • Connect and swap email

  • Add/ edit/ delete outcomes

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