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Can I prioritize Follow-Ups over first-step Emails?
Can I prioritize Follow-Ups over first-step Emails?

Continuously adding prospects to the cadence. This article will help you prioritize your emails in the same cadence

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Your cadence can be separated into two different parts, the first step, and follow-ups (the remaining steps).

It is possible to prioritize either the first-step emails or the follow-ups or set them as no priority. Head to Cadence > Select Cadence > Settings.

Prioritizing follow-ups ensures that the cadence is completed for the prospects who are already on it before delivering first-step emails to new prospects.

Prioritizing first-step emails ensures that at least one step is delivered for each prospect in the cadence.

Please note that this priority works when both the first step emails and the follow-up emails are scheduled at the same time i.e.., same delivery window

You can also set the number of first-step emails that need to be delivered for the day using Cadence throttle.

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