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Email validation (Beta)
Email validation (Beta)
Validate your prospects' email ids to increase your email deliverability
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Email deliverability is a crucial point for achieving better engagement rates and maintaining a good sender reputation. Sending emails to invalid email addresses leads to hard bounces and thus increases bounce rates. An increase in the bounce rate lowers email deliverability. If your bounce rate is anywhere over 2% you should take care of it ASAP.

We can prevent/improve email deliverability by validating the email addresses of prospects before reaching out to them.

How does Email validation work?

To check if the status of an email address is valid and to ensure that your email won’t result in a hard bounce, some of the checks we take into consideration are:

  • Verify the syntax of an email

  • Run a DNS check

  • Run an MX record check

  • Run a catch-all check

  • Establish a connection with the recipient’s SMTP server

  • Utilize our provider's proprietary algorithms supported by Artificial Intelligence to negotiate with the SMTP servers

How to enable the Email validation feature?

You will need to purchase credits to use the email validation feature. Each email address you validate will use one credit. To purchase credits, head to Settings > Plans & Billing > Add-ons > Email validation > Buy.

This gives you recurring credits every month and the prices would be,

  • $7 for 1000 credits

  • $30 for 5000 credits

  • $125 for 25000 credits

  • $500 for 100000 credits

  • $1250 for 250000 credits

  • $2500 for 500000 credits

Note: The purchased credits will expire after a month from the date of purchase.

How does this work?

Manual method:

  • To validate existing prospects manually, select the prospects that need to be validated > click on the three dots and hit 'Validate email',

  • To validate newly imported prospects, choose the option "Start Validation" once the import is completed,

There will be another step of confirmation, where you can see how many emails ids are in the queue to get validated and the remaining available credits in your subscription. The process begins once you hit "Start Validation".

Automated method:

Head to Settings > Deliverability > Email validation > turn on "Automatically validate email address when a prospect is created or imported". This way, every prospect email address that you add to Klenty will automatically get validated,

It takes a few minutes to validate the email addresses and we have categorized validation into 5 different statuses - Not validated, Processing, Valid, Invalid, and Risky.

There will be no indication if the email id is not validated,

The grey tick indicates that an email id is in the process of validation,

The green tick indicates that the email id is valid,

The red tick indicates that the email id is invalid,

The yellow tick indicates that the email id is risky,

How to filter out the validated email addresses?

On the main Prospects page, click on the filter button and scroll down to "Email Validation Status". The same filter can be found inside the Cadences > Prospects tab. You can filter the prospects here based on the 4 statuses,

How can we prevent invalid email addresses from being added to cadences?

To avoid accidental addition of prospects with invalid or risky email addresses to cadences, we have added security checks in place. Head to the Settings > Deliverability > Email validation > turn the toggle on for "Do not add prospects with invalid email addresses to cadences" and "Do not add prospects with risky email addresses to cadences",

Permissions available for this feature:

Email validation is for all of your teammates. You can enable/ disable it for them by heading to Settings > Admin > Deliverability permissions

  • Change email validation settings

  • Purchase email validation credits

The above-mentioned permissions will be enabled for both Owner and Admin by default. However, for regular users, either the owner/ admin can enable it for them so that, the regular users will be able to have access to make changes to the email validation settings or be able to purchase email validation credits.

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