What is email warm-up?

Email warm-up is the practice of establishing the sender's reputation for new email accounts to improve cold email deliverability. The warm-up process includes sending emails from an email account, starting with a smaller number and gradually increasing the number of emails each day.

When to use email warm-up

When sending cold emails, it's recommended to warm up your email account continuously to maintain a good sender reputation with your email provider. We also recommend warm-up if you've recently been blocked by your email provider, notice low engagement rates, or if recipients say your emails land in their spam.

How warm-up works in Klenty

Once you've connected your email account for warm-up

  1. Klenty begins sending emails from your account to email ids that we own.

  2. Each email is moved to Inbox if it lands in spam, and a reply is automatically sent back.

  3. Every day the number of emails sent from your account gradually increases until you reach an optimal number of emails to send daily.

Getting started

Klenty's email warm-up is currently in closed beta. To opt-in, please contact us on chat or email support@klenty.com.

You will find the deliverability option on the top nav bar and by default it will show the connected email address.

Click on Start warm-up

3. Klenty will now begin sending emails from your account and send responses. To view and make changes to the warm-up strategy, click on the email id.

The graph shows the warm-up schedule for each day from the time you start warm-up.

You can also find the Spam rate in the last 7 days and the % of Inbox vs Spam report.

Click on edit warmup to set

  1. your sending goal - the number of emails you wish to send every day

  2. daily email increment - when warm-up starts, this value determines how many emails are sent on the first day (2 emails are sent if you've set the value to 2), and each subsequent day, the number of emails sent is increased by 2. So your warm-up schedule might look like this:

Day 1: 2 emails

Day 2: 4 emails

Day 3: 6 emails

and so on.

3. You can also use the value in the Inbox Filter section to automatically filter warm-up emails from your Inbox.

Not sure if you've picked the right numbers? Talk to us, and we'll help you come up with a warm-up strategy customized for you.

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