Klenty's multi-channel inbox consolidates all prospect communication in one space. When you connect channels such as email accounts, calls, and text messages to your Klenty account, communications from these channels will get populated into your multi-channel inbox.


All emails sent to your email address are received in the All tab as well as in the Mails tab under the multichannel inbox. The emails that you receive are further classified into 3 statuses:

  • Replies - captures responses from your prospects,

  • Auto-Replies - contains automated responses such as Out of office,

  • Bounces - filters out responses from Email Service Providers for bounced emails.

The respective emails will be tracked in the mentioned categories.

Mails Filters

The multi-channel inbox has two filters: Owner, and Outcome. Click on the funnel icon, as shown below, select a filter, and click on "Apply", which you'll be able to see at the bottom-right corner of the page.

The default columns on the Mail's page are From, Message, Date/Time, and Outcome.

You can find the To, List, and Tags columns under the table icon on the right-hand side of the screen. Select the necessary columns and click on Done; the selected column will reflect on the table.

You can also change the status of the emails in your multi-channel inbox by selecting the Change Status. The status of an email can be changed [to any of the other available statuses]. The more icon (three dots icon) allows you to add prospects to a new list or a tag.

The Auto-Replies have an additional option to "Resume Cadence" when a prospect sets an auto-reply. The cadence can be stopped based on the settings provided, to resume those emails, this feature will be greatly supportive.


All the incoming calls, missed calls, and voicemails will be displayed within the multi-channel inbox. You can also call back prospects and unsaved contacts from the multichannel inbox.

Text Messages

Responses to your outbound messages will be recorded inside the multichannel inbox. When text messages are received from prospects, you can also view their activity history from the multichannel inbox

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