Deliverability Test

Test your email domains to determine the Inbox delivery rate within Klenty.

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What's a Deliverability Test and how does it help?

Deliverability determines if a message should be classified as a legitimate email or relegated to the spam folder. You can verify whether your emails will reach the inbox as intended when you perform a deliverability test.

The test report will exhibit where your emails are landing within the recipient’s inbox:

  • Inbox

  • Spam

  • Undelivered

Furthermore, the report displays if the Email Authentication is verified or listed on any Domain Blocklists. The report also provides suggestions to overcome spam issues before a cadence is set live.

How to run a deliverability test?

When you head to the deliverability page, you'll be able to identify all the email addresses that are connected to the platform in the deliverability test section.

Click on the Run Test button at the respective email address to initiate the deliverability test for the domain.

Note: You'll not be able to access the report until the test is processed.

Test Results:

Once the tests are completed for the domains, you can access the report by clicking on "View Report". Here, you'll be able to analyze the category of emails placement:

  • Inbox

  • Spam

  • Others

  • Undelivered

The deliverability test report will also provide you with best practices to customize your templates so that you can optimize for better inbox deliverability.

In-depth analysis:

Klenty provides you with a detailed analysis of how to overcome the deliverability conditions you're facing. The suggestions will include details on Sender's Authentication as well as Domain Blocklist.

Sender's Authentication - Here you'll get to know the mandated steps to improve your domain. This includes details regarding SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and rDNS. All these are specified according to your domain reputation.

Domain Block List - Here you'll get results about the domains that have a bad reputation associated with them and who are suspected to send spam or phishing emails.

Apart from this, the deliverability report also provides you with Inbox Insights from your recipient’s email service provider. This indicates where your emails will land for each of the email service providers.

How can I try this feature?

If you want to try the feature, please reach out to Klenty support to get your 7-day free trial enabled on your account.

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