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How to execute LinkedIn tasks
How to execute LinkedIn tasks

Execute your dedicated tasks within your Klenty account

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As the largest professional network in the world, LinkedIn has become a key channel to engage prospects. With Klenty's LinkedIn execution, you can reach your prospects where they are active and improve your conversions by delivering seamless multi-channel outreach.

Add LinkedIn steps within your Cadence

Include Linkedin tasks as a cadence step to organize and scale your LinkedIn tasks within Klenty. You can view profiles, send connection requests, and communicate with your leads/prospects from the cadence steps.

How to execute LinkedIn tasks in Klenty?

  1. Once you've created your LinkedIn tasks, you can view the tasks from the Tasks tab on the cadence navigation bar. Click on the Start Tasks button to begin completing the tasks.

  2. Once you've clicked on Start Tasks, the Task details page opens, in which you can view the details of the respective prospect and execute the task.

  3. When you click on Send Connection Request the Klenty icon will navigate you to the prospect's profile and send the connect request from your LinkedIn Account.

  4. To execute these tasks, you'll need the Klenty plugin, which automatically runs the tasks in a series after you've approved it. To execute your LinkedIn tasks from Klenty, you must download the Klenty plugin from chrome.

Additionally, you can execute your LinkedIn tasks with a click from your Activity Center as well.

Download the Klenty plugin today, and drastically reduce your LinkedIn workload

Install the Klenty Chrome Extension here.

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