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Klenty-Whatsapp Integration
Klenty-Whatsapp Integration

Send messages through Klenty on Whatsapp

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This support article guides you through the simple steps to seamlessly connect and optimize your out cadence efforts, empowering you to reach more leads and customers efficiently

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How can I perform the task to send a Whatsapp message?

You can now schedule a WhatsApp text message task and execute it from Klenty. The prospect's number which is available on WhatsApp must be stored on your Klenty account to execute the Whatsapp message task.

You can schedule the task and the task will be created with the subject as Whatsapp message. You need to approve the task in order for the message for the prospect to be sent from your Klenty account to your prospect's Whatsapp.

By clicking the prospect section, you'll be able to preview the WhatsApp message you are planning to send out. Once you've reviewed the message, you just have to click on

the Send Message option.

Note: Your WhatsApp profile has to be signed in on the WhatsApp web to send out the message to your prospects upon approving it on your Klenty account.

Can I have a dedicated Whatsapp step in my Cadence?

Absolutely, You can also include a Whatsapp step as how you can create dedicated steps for Email, Tasks, Calls and LinkedIn. You will have an additional option which will be displayed as Add Whats app Message.

You can personalise your texts as per your requirement by adding placeholders according to the prospects who are active in your cadence with the Whatsapp step.

Once the step is added it will be created with the Whatsapp icon representing the step as an exclusive Whatsapp step.

How Does Send Message Work on Whatsapp from Klenty when initiated?

When you have tasks scheduled for executing WhatsApp messages from Klenty, you'll need to select the option - Send message when the tasks begin for your prospect.

Now, when you select the option Send Message in Klenty, a new tab opens on your browser for WhatsApp in order to log in to your Whatsapp account and send the message to your prospect.

When you hit on the option Continue to Chat, you will be able to execute the message to your prospect by just clicking the send option in Whatsapp.

What Happens once the message is sent out on Whatsapp?

When you execute the WhatsApp message from Klenty, you'll have to manually complete the task in Klenty so that it moves to the completed section in Klenty.

Exciting!! Where can I try this out?

If you are looking forward to trying out the feature please reach out to Klenty support to get this enabled in your account on a trial.

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