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Creating and Managing Events
Creating and Managing Events

You can create your own events through Klenty's calendar

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Using this functionality, you'll now be able to create, edit and delete events. To book a meeting, all your prospect has to do is access the URL attached to your email and book a slot.

How do I create and schedule an event?

Now, To create a new event, you'll need to head to ScheduleIQ option from the top nav section and from there, you'll need to select the option + New Event Type

Now you'll have to create the event as per your preference with the required details such as:

  • Meeting Name

  • Meeting Duration

  • Location - Google Meet for Gsuite, Ms Teams for Outlook and Zoom Video Communications

  • Meeting Description

  • Event link name

    After finishing event details, you'll need to setup event settings in order to finalize your event to book meetings:

  • Default and Custom Working Hours - To have a start time and end time in your calendar for your prospects to book a meeting.

  • Buffer Time - To be able to edit buffer time on custom working hours for more than 5 minutes that's available in default.

  • Booking Window - To allow your prospects to book meetings in advance to a maximum limit of 60 days or choose a date range to allow meetings to be booked in advance.

  • Minimum Notice - Set the minimum amount of notice required prior to booking a meeting with you.

  • Event Questions - Set questions to gather more details in line with the meeting and the participant.

    Right after setting up the event along with the description and timings, you can select the option to save and Enable the event to finalize your meeting event.

    You will be able to disable and enable the event through the toggle that has been provided next to the event name that's displayed as Event status.

How do I manage the events that are being scheduled by my prospects?

Once the prospect accesses the link of the calendar, based on their bookings, the call will be displayed in the Upcoming section under the Scheduled Events slider.

The event will contain both host's and prospect's email addresses along with the Date, Day, Duration, TimeZone and Join Meeting option which will redirect to a new tab to join the meeting. A confirmation email will also be sent to your prospect once they book a meeting through Schedule IQ.

If the prospect is looking to either cancel the event or to reschedule the event, they can access the link that's available in the invitation email and proceed with the necessary. A confirmation email will also be received on your end as well.

Just like the upcoming events, there's a section with the name Past - This section displays meetings that were done or cancelled or the meeting which has crossed the scheduled time.

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