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Add-in for Outlook
Add-in for Outlook

Track your emails directly sent from your outlook account

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The most anticipated application to track outlook emails is finally here: Klenty’s add-in for Outlook!

With the Klenty add-in for Outlook, you can complete your sales engagement activities right from your inbox without logging in to Klenty.

How to install Klenty Add-in for Outlook?

  • You'll need to sign in to your Outlook account through the desktop application and select the Get Add-ins Option from the menu in the top right corner.

  • In the Add-Ins for Outlook dialog, search for Klenty in the search box. Alternatively, you can also search for Klenty by selecting All and scrolling through the list of add-ins.

  • From there, you'll need to download the Klenty Add-in to install it within your Outlook account.

  • To perform actions on Klenty from your Outlook account, ensure, you've added the Klenty add-in to the correct outlook email address.

Track Engagements of your Outlook Emails

Track emails – opens, clicks and replies

Email Opens:

  • Emails sent from outlook will be tracked in the Klenty under the sent items and in the prospect activity history for prospects. Any emails sent through the Klenty add-in will have an indication on the Klenty app as sent ‘via plugin’.

  • When your prospects open your email, the open engagement will be tracked in Klenty under:

    1. LiveFeed

    2. Sent Items

    3. Prospect Activity History

  • For prospects that are not available in Klenty, the sent email will be tracked in Klenty under the sent items section with the source as Outlook.

Email Replies:

  • Prospects who have replied to your mail will also be tracked by our outlook plugin only if the prospect exists in your Klenty account, the source here would also be displayed as Outlook.

  • The replies that get tracked will be available in your Klenty account under:

  1. LiveFeed

  2. Sent Items

  3. Prospect Activity History

Email Link Tracking:

  • The Link tracking works for hyperlinks and for any link used in the body content of the emails that are sent to prospects.

  • When prospects click on the link, the Klenty plugin tracks the click and displays the same under the Livefeed, Prospect activity history, and Sent items, similar to the email opens that are logged in your Klenty account.

How can I try this out?

If you are looking for further information on the Klenty Add-in, please reach out to Klenty support.

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