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Cadence Blueprint - Build cadences using predefined frameworks
Cadence Blueprint - Build cadences using predefined frameworks

Cadence creation options and techniques in a concise guide, channel selection to maximize impact and engagement

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Where do I start?

Please navigate to Cadences page and choose Create Cadence

How do I create my own cadence from scratch?

Choose Build on your own, as the name suggests, build your own cadence from scratch.

Kindly refer to the article on how to create your own Cadence- Click here

Let's check the other available options.

Create cadence using Cadence Blueprint:

A blueprint is a predefined set of steps that you can follow to create a cadence effortlessly.

Choose Build using Cadence Blueprint option

You can choose one of the below suitable option based on your workflow:

  • Outbound Prospecting

  • Inbound Prospecting

  • Lead Nurturing

  • Events

  • Customer Success.

Selecting an option from the category will provide you with a preview of the cadence. If you want to proceed with the suggested steps; click on Use Blueprint.

Note: Adding a subject line and a suitable email template is mandatory. You must review the email template and add placeholders or customisation and make any necessary adjustments before moving forward with the next steps

The "Next" option is highlighted once the required changes are made and then hit Save & Exit to complete creating your cadences.

To continue with the cadence settings and adding prospects to the cadence, please refer the below articles:

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