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Mastering Mail Merge for Personalized Emails
Mastering Mail Merge for Personalized Emails

Send group emails as a one off to your prospects

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Send out emails to your prospects that are separate from Cadence Emails

How Does Mail Merge Help?

Send out personalized emails to a group of prospects as one-off emails without any link-ups to your active cadences.

How do I initiate a mail merge in my Klenty account?

Upon heading to the main prospects page, you'll have a plan to send out emails to a list of prospects that are part of a list or are part of a tag. You can choose those prospects of your choice by accessing the check box and then, select the add to cadence drop-down to view options such as:

  • Resume cadence

  • Create task

  • Mail merge

  • Schedule call

How do I personalize my email after selecting the mail merge option?

An email compose section pops up upon selecting the option Mail Merge just like how you get to add email content for your cadences.

You'll be able to add:

  • Email template from your saved collection or draft a new content

  • Usage of placeholders on the subject line as well as email body

  • Add Images

  • Add Links

  • Choose font size and style

  • Signature

  • Add Unsubscribe Link

These are all just a few listed options, you get to add more as how you have options while creating an email template in your cadence.

Upon finalising the email content, you'll need to select the option Preview and Send where; you get to preview your prospects and their emails to understand if these emails are generated according to your personalization.

Once decided, you can either click on the Send Now option or you can schedule the emails later by selecting the option Send Later.

How Can I verify the source of these emails?

Once the emails are finalised and scheduled, you get to verify these emails in the Outbox section under the following tabs as One-Off Mail:

  • Today - Scheduled to send now

  • Upcoming - Scheduled for later

When you have multiple emails queued up which includes cadence emails as well, you get to filtarize the emails by source as - One-Off Mail

Need help?

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