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Goal Insights

Detailed insights for each goal that can be used to coach your reps

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Tracking goal insights can be immensely helpful in coaching your sales reps by providing tangible data for performance evaluation and improvement. Analysing progress toward goals enables targeted feedback, allowing coaches to identify strengths and areas needing development.

This data-driven approach fosters more personalised coaching, highlights successful strategies, and facilitates informed discussions that lead to enhanced skills, motivation, and ultimately, higher sales performance.

To view the detailed insights, click on the desired user.

What insights can be viewed?

  • Progress of all goals (Conversion, Prospect and Activity Goals)

  • Conversion Analysis - Total Conversion in the set period

    • Conversion Insights

    • Prospects Converted By List

  • Contacted Analysis - Prospects Contacted in the set period

    • Prospects Contacted By List

    • Prospects Contacted By Cadence

  • Activity Analysis - Total number of activities completed in the set period

Progress of all Goals

Conversion Analysis

This insight enables refinement of strategies, enhancing conversion rates and overall sales performance.

Conversion Insights

Conversion Insights helps you to identify the number of days and touch points it took to convert a prospect and also provides an average conversion days

Prospects Converted By Lists

Total number of prospects converted based on the prospect lists they are in

Contacted Analysis

This analysis reveals trends, helps refine targeting, and informs adjustments to engagement approaches.

Prospects Contacted By List

Prospects Contacted By Cadence

Activity Analysis

Activity analysis empowers organizations to align their efforts with strategic objectives, fostering more efficient and effective sales outcomes.

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