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Analyzing your call recordings
Analyzing your call recordings

Access, Identify, Analyze and train your peers

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Where to view the call transcripts?

Find all the Call transcripts here based on the Users, Outcomes, Duration, Date, and Call type.

To get more analytics, click on the individual call.

Call Recording:

This section would have the recording of the call and the call metrics displays the talk time duration of each participant present in the call.

Call Transcript:

The transcript section displays the entire call transcript, It allows you to jump to the specific transcript synced with the video.

Call insights:

Call insights are a great way to get an overview of your calls and gain additional insight into the customer experience. Using this feature, you can quickly and easily view and measure your call data, including duration and sentiments.

Meeting Summary

The meeting summary will include an overview of the topics discussed, any conclusions or decisions that were made, and any tasks to be completed. The summary will also include any relevant information or observations about the conversation that could be useful to those who were not present for the meeting

With effective meeting summaries, your team will be able to stay focused and productive in the pursuit of shared goals.

Questions, Action Items and Sentiments:

All the questions asked during the call such as Client's use case Goals, Type of outreach and so on. Action items will include sending the call recording to the users, follow-up emails and solving the concern addressed over the call.

Sentiment Analysis of Call Recording is a powerful tool for understanding how customers feel about your company, product, or service with a deeper understanding.


The comments section displays the comments added to the call with the timestamp. This function is intended for users within the organization to include a remark on the call.

You can edit your comments and send a response if needed.

How can I share the Call transcript?

Navigate to the meeting--> Share.

Here, customize the link before sharing it with others with the help of Link privacy settings and link expiration.


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