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FAQ's : Call IQ

Most frequently asked questions around our call IQ and steps to troubleshoot

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This article is designed to provide you with swift and informative answers to the most commonly asked questions about Call IQ. Whether you're seeking clarification on key concepts or looking to address common concerns, we've organised this guide to ensure your inquiries are met with clarity and precision.

Why doesn't the Call IQ Bot join video meetings?

  • This could happen if the meeting is an impromptu call and not booked on your Calendar. Make sure the event is booked on your Calendar for the bot to be active

  • The calendar connection should be active - If you have recently changed your password or permissions, then your calendar might be in a reconnect state. Go to Settings - Calendar to check if the calendar is connected

  • If it's an internal meeting - Check if you have bot settings enabled to record the internal meetings and if the domain is added under the settings

  • If the organizer does not have enough credits to record and transcript the meeting

Why is a scheduled meeting on my calendar not synced in the upcoming section of Call IQ?

  • Please check if your Calendar connected to Call IQ is in a reconnect state or disconnected. If the connection status is not good, then the meetings will not be synced

  • To check this, please navigate to the Call IQ settings --> Integrations ---> Calendar connection

  • You will also get a notification banner on top of your home page

Does Call IQ record from any meeting location?

  • Right now we support the following meeting locations: Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom

  • However, we are working on adding more meeting locations so if your location is not listed, please let us know.

Why does the Bot name keep changing?

  • Bot Name under the settings page is a team-level setting. If you are part of a team and someone in your team renames it, then it will reflect for your bots as well

Will I get an email notification after each meeting?

  • Yes, Klenty will send an email notification to the organizer once the meeting transcript is available.

  • We also provide other email notifications including daily summary/ digest emails and if someone mentions you in the comments.

How many users can I have on my team?

  • You can have an unlimited number of users in your Call IQ team. By default, newly invited users are assigned a free license.

  • As an owner/ Admin, you can assign licenses to the users in your team

  • This can be done from the Call IQ settings page --> Team Settings. Choose the drop-down next to the users and assign licenses

How long does it take for the transcript to process?

  • This is based on the duration of the call. If the call exceeds more than an hour, then wait for a few minutes for the transcript to show up on the account

  • For audio calls, the transcript will be instant.

Will my recording get deleted after a certain period of time?

  • We have a data retention period for all your recordings and transcripts. This differs based on the plan you have chosen.

  • In the Starter plan, the recording is retained for 1 year

  • In the Pro plan, the recording is retained for 2 years

If the answers above did not help, feel free to reach our support team via the in-app chat or drop an email to

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