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Managing the Recordings and Transcripts
Managing the Recordings and Transcripts

A guide to manage, filter and view your recorded meetings and transcripts

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Once your meetings are completed, the recording and the transcript will be available under the Call IQ --> Calls section.

You get to access both the Audio and Video calls from this section. Smart Views and filters are available for easy access.

Smart View:


You can filter the calls by:

  • Username

  • Outcome

  • Duration

  • Date

  • Type of call (Audio/ Video)

You can also search for the meeting recording using Meeting Name or Participant Name.

To view the individual recording and analyse the transcript, click on the name of the meeting.

You can view the following data for an individual recording:

  • Recording & Call Metrics

  • Transcript

  • Insights - Meeting summary, Questions, Action items, Sentiment

  • Comments

Sharing the recording and transcript:

  • Organisers can share the meeting recording and transcript link to the participants, internal team members, outside organization, etc.

  • You can also set the link to public and set an expiry date for the recipients to view

    💡Watch a quick video about managing the recording and transcripts here

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