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Prospect IQ: Credits & Pricing
Prospect IQ: Credits & Pricing

How the Credits are deducted, purchasing more credits and available plans

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You can find leads via Prospect IQ based on the available credits on your account.

Once the Prospect IQ is enabled you get 10 Credits for free as an early access offer.

Where can I purchase more credits?

To purchase credits, navigate to the Prospect IQ --> Settings page and choose Billing and Credit usage

You can choose your required credits and click on purchase credits.

Available plans and the pricing are discussed at the end of this article ๐Ÿ”

How does the credits work?

The credits are added for the team in general. If you're a team user in Klenty, then the credits are available for all users in the team.

The credits are deducted based on the following actions

  • Email Reveal - 1 credit deducted from available credits

  • Phone Reveal - 3 credits deducted from available credits

  • Email & Phone Reveal - 4 credits deducted from available credits

  • 8 Searches - 1 credit deducted from available credits

Example: Your available credit is 10

  1. You can reveal 10 email addresses (10 credits will be deducted) - Available credits becomes 0

  2. You can reveal 3 phone numbers (9 credits will be deducted) - Available credits becomes 1

  3. You can reveal phone number + email address for 2 contacts (8 credits will be deducted) - Available credits becomes 2

  4. You apply some filters and use the search option, if the search exceeds 8 attempts, 1 credit will be deducted and available credit becomes 9

Note: Reveal option for phone or email + phone might be disabled or not clickable if you don't have enough available credits.

Where do I see the available credits?

You can find the available credits under the Settings page --> Credits Usage section

You can also find the Remaining Credits in the Home page on top right

Plans & Pricing

Prospect IQ offers you Quarterly and Annual billing options. Credits are added to your account on a monthly basis

Quarterly Billing (Credits per quarter)













Annual Billing (Credits per year) - Recommended













Talk to us if you have any questions related to the Credits & Pricing ๐ŸŽง

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