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Syncing Call Transcript to Pipedrive
Syncing Call Transcript to Pipedrive

Steps to connect Pipedrive to Call IQ and sync your meeting transcripts

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With Klenty’s Call-IQ, you can quickly and easily sync your call transcripts from Klenty to your Pipedrive CRM and use them to better understand your customer’s needs and improve your sales process.

Steps to connect Pipedrive with Call IQ:

To synchronize the transcript of your call recordings CRM system, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Call IQ section on your platform.

2. From the left-side panel, select Settings.

3. Click on Integrations, and then click on Pipedrive CRM.

4. Follow the prompts and provide the necessary authorizations. This will ensure seamless connectivity.

5. Ensure that the Pipedrive connection status is Good to complete the synchronization process.

Triggers and Actions:

Once the Pipedrive is connected, use the Triggers and Actions for the CRM to sync the meetings/calls.

During the synchronization process, if a lead or contact does not exist in the CRM, a new lead or contact will be automatically created. This ensures that all potential leads and contacts to be captured in the CRM system for efficient tracking and follow-up.

Where can I find the Call Transcript in CRM?

In Pipedrive the call transcript is saved for the Lead/Contact as Notes. The notes would consist of Link for the call transcript, Participants of the Meeting, and the Meeting Summary.

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