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Sync Call Transcript to Salesforce

Steps to connect Salesforce to Call IQ and sync your meeting transcripts

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With Klenty, you can easily sync your call transcripts to your desired CRM, allowing for easy access to data without the need to switch between platforms.

Steps to connect Call IQ with the CRM:

1. Head to Call IQ-->Integrations.

Please select Salesforce from the list of available options below.

Allow access to the confirmation prompt window which will redirect to the Salesforce login page if not logged in, and to the permission page if already logged in.

Once connected, the Status of the connection with the CRM is displayed.

Triggers and Action:

Call IQ has the ability to sync the meetings and the calls made from Klenty to the Lead/Contact module in Salesforce.

If a Lead/Contact does not exist in Klenty, it will be automatically created when the corresponding option is selected.

How to view the Call transcript in Salesforce?

In Salesforce, Open up the respective Contact--> under Activity an Event will be created as shown below.

To further view the transcript, click on it to display more information. Clicking on the transcript link would redirect to Call IQ.

Information that is synced are the Call Transcript link, Participants of the meeting, and Meeting summary.

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