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Routing Logic with Schedule IQ
Routing Logic with Schedule IQ

Direct your meetings to your team through logic

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As you may already know using Klenty's lead router, you get to route your meetings based on:

  • Rule Based Routing

  • Round Robin

Rule Based Routing

Rule-based routing in Klenty involves automatically directing leads or contacts to specific sequences or workflows based on predefined conditions ensuring efficient allocation to the right team or individual for personalised and streamlined engagement.

Using Rule-based routing you get to route meetings to team members through the process of:

  1. Lead Responses

  2. IP Address

  3. CRM Owner

You get to assign meetings to a representative based on the form data submitted by your leads.

While assigning team members, you can choose more than one representative and the meetings will be assigned to them even if their calendar is not connected, these meetings will be available in Schedule IQ and not in your calendar.

Please ensure that the calendar connection is healthy to avoid double booking.

Upon choosing the representative, you will be able to assign meetings from the types of:

  • Flexible Distribution – Distribute meetings randomly among team members based on availability.

  • Equal Distribution ( Strict Round Robin ) – Equally distribute meetings among team members.

  • Weighted Distribution – Distribute wisely by assigning varying weights to team members.

For Weighted distribution, you get to assign targets and based on the targets you're assigning the meetings will be assigned to the representative.

As a fallback back you also get to assign these meetings if none of the rules matches as flexible distribution where you can assign team members from the options and confirm the changes and additionally, you can prefer the meeting to be scheduled with a specific representative based on Contact ownership as well.

The contact ownership rule would be primary and the additional rules that are set will be a fallback in this case.

Round Robin

Round Robin Routing in Klenty evenly distributes leads or tasks among a team or group of users, ensuring each member gets an equal opportunity to engage with prospects or handle meetings in a systematic and fair rotation.

In this routing of events, it would be based on flexible distribution by default as it is an equal round-robin for each active member within a team.

You will be able to choose the team members from the options and assign meetings equally based on the form filling that would happen on your website.

However, you would also be able to choose the distribution type from the options of Flexible, Equal and Weighted distribution here as well.

Upon setting up the type of distribution, your routing logic is completed and is good to go for confirmation.

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