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Klenty's Browser Notification

Get instant notifications of your prospects engagements on your desktop screen

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Klenty's browser notifications provide real-time updates on various activities and events within the platform. This includes notifications about prospects:

  1. Opening an email

  2. Clicks a link

  3. Replies to an email

  4. Calls your number – Purchased number

How Do I Set Browser Notifications For My Klenty Account?

You can enable browser notifications for your Klenty account from:

Settings > User Settings > Browser Notifications > Enable the toggle

Permissions To Check On Your Browser To Have Notification Pop-Ups

You will be required to check the basic browser settings and enable notifications for Klenty as an application.

You can enable the permissions by following the below instructions on your browser:

Settings > Privacy And Security > Site Settings > Klenty > Drop Down > Enable Notifications > Allow

You can also enable notifications for the application while accessing your Klenty Login as well:

What troubleshooting methods should I be aware of while doing this?

Sometimes, upon enabling the notifications for the application, it might not apply as per the new actions.

During that time, once you clear cache/cookies off the browser by accessing Cookies and Site Data for Klenty, the notifications will start showing up upon logging into your account making the notifications live for your account.

How will the notifications be displayed on my desktop?

Upon enabling the browser notifications on your Klenty account, you need not be always active for the notifications to be displayed.

You will only require the browser to be active to receive the notifications on your screen while you are working on something different.

Note: The browser notification works for Firefox and Microsoft Edge as well.

Need more help? Get support via in-app chat or mail to

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