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Creating a Lead in Salesforce CRM using Klenty Triggers
Creating a Lead in Salesforce CRM using Klenty Triggers

Manual and Automated steps to create a Lead in Salesforce and FAQs

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Klenty allows you to automatically or manually create a Lead in Salesforce. You can choose between the below options that suits your workflow.

Manually Creating a Lead in Salesforce

If you have imported prospects to Klenty directly and a Lead is not available in Salesforce, you can manually export them to your CRM in simple steps.

  1. Navigate to the prospects page, Choose the prospect you would like to export

  2. Click on the 3 dots and choose "Create a Lead in Salesforce"

Automatically Creating a Lead in Salesforce

Based on your triggers set up, you can choose to create a new Lead in Salesforce CRM. If the Lead is not available in your CRM, before creating an activity Klenty will create a new Lead and then record the activity.

  1. Navigate to the Settings --> CRM Setting and Choose Triggers

  2. You can find the Configure option on the right of the triggers set up

  3. Select the check box "Create a new Lead and then add a task/activity for the Lead"


This set up is usually configured for people who would like to maintain a clean CRM with only engaging prospects and ignore any invalid or not engaging prospects.

Import prospects to Klenty using a different source (CSV/Gsheet) and set up triggers to record and create activity in Salesforce. Most commonly used triggers are Link Click, Reply, Prospect becomes high intent.

This will make sure only the prospects who clicked on the link or replied or became a high intent will be created as a Lead in your Salesforce CRM.


My Leads are not getting created in Salesforce?

There are a few reasons why a lead is not created in Salesforce.

  • If you have mandatory fields in Salesforce and the prospect in Klenty does not have a value for the field or if the field is not mapped

  • Your Salesforce profile does not have permission to create a Lead/ Contact

  • The create a Lead option was enabled after the engagement or actions were done.

How do I know if the Lead already exists in my CRM and is Synced with Klenty?

  • If your prospect already exists in your CRM and synced with Klenty, you can find the cloud icon highlighted in the prospects page as shown below

How can I manually check/ sync a prospect to a Lead in CRM?

  • If a prospect is not already synced and you would like to manually sync the prospect, select the prospect --> Choose 3 dots and select "Lookup With Salesforce"

    Note: Lookup with Salesforce does not update any fields or the status of the prospect. It will check if the prospect already exists as a Lead or Contact in Salesforce and the Cloud icon is highlighted accordingly.

How can I update the fields from Klenty to Salesforce?

  • If the prospect is already synced with your CRM, instead of the Create a Lead option you will find "Update a Lead in Salesforce"

  • This will update your Lead information with Klenty's current prospect information.

Can I automatically look-up with Salesforce?

  • Yes, you can enable the "Auto Look-up" option available under the CRM settings

  • When you import prospects to Klenty via any other source, this Auto Look-up will check in your CRM and if the prospect is available in your CRM, it updates the cloud icon in Klenty

  • Please note that this Auto Look-up uses API calls to check with your CRM. If you have limited API's in your CRM, we suggest doing a manual lookup

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