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How to Utilize Automatic Mailbox Rotation
How to Utilize Automatic Mailbox Rotation

Setting up & understanding automatic mailbox rotation feature

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Distributing your email outreach to send from multiple email addresses helps with deliverability. The Auto-Rotate feature helps automatically distribute your emails to send from each email address you use with Klenty.

How it works

  • When emails are scheduled from a cadence, they are distributed equally among each email address you've set up with Klenty. For example, if you have connected 2 email addresses with Klenty and add 10 prospects to a cadence, 5 emails will be sent from each email addresses.

  • All subsequent follow-ups in that cadence are sent from the same email address that was used to send the previous email.

How to set up Auto-Rotate

This setting is available under the cadence settings and so applies for each cadence where you wish to use this feature.

You can enable this setting as soon as the cadence is created. If enabled, it cannot be turned off once prospects are added to the cadence.

With mailbox rotation enabled, you can now send emails based on prospect ownership. Each email will be sent from the connected email address of the respective prospect owner.

Using Auto-Rotate for a team cadence

If your team uses a common cadence, the Auto-Rotate feature will work by distributing emails between the email addresses of each user who uses the cadence.

Note: Emails will be scheduled to send from the user who adds prospects to the cadence and not the Prospect Owner

This feature also works with list automations and playbooks set up. The emails are sent from the email addresses of the owner who configured the automation.

To keep in mind

  • The Assign to Sender option under the step settings will be disabled if the Auto-Rotate Mailbox feature is enabled

  • The Auto-Rotate mailbox feature can not be edited/modified once the prospects are added to the cadence

  • This feature can not be enabled for existing active cadences


What happens if one of my email accounts is disconnected?

Any emails scheduled from the email address that got disconnected will be moved to the error section. You can retry the emails after reconnecting your email account. These emails can be found under the Outbox --> Error section.

What happens when one of the email account's daily limit is reached?

If your daily limit for the assigned email account is reached, the scheduled emails will be sent the following day. It will be automatically rescheduled based on your delivery window

What happens if I update the sender email ID from the outbox?

If the sending email address is updated from the outbox, all emails will be sent from the new updated email address, including any follow up emails from that cadence.

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