Google Sheets can be an easily accessible and shareable source to add your prospects to and import them to Klenty.

To begin, connect your Google account:

Login to Klenty and go to Settings -> Integrations -> Google Sheets 

  1. Enter the email id of the Google Drive account that you wish to connect to Klenty and click on Authenticate.

Once this is done, you can create Sheets via Klenty and add your prospects’ information. The Sheets will be created in a new Klenty folder in your Google Drive.

  1. Enter a name to create a new Sheet.
  2. Copy your prospect details over to this new Sheet.
  3. In Klenty, you’ll see the Sheets you’ve created via this process in the Google Sheets tab listed as ‘Your sheets‘. Click on the Import button on the Sheet you want to import.
  4. Your Sheet headers will be automatically mapped with Klenty prospect fields. You can verify and edit as required, and create a new custom field if there are no prospect fields that match your requirement.
  5. Add to a list or tags if needed and click on Preview to confirm your mapping.
  6. Click on Start Import to start adding the prospects to Klenty.

 Once a Sheet has been imported, you can

  • enable the auto-import option to automatically import new additions to the Google Sheet (remember to add the new prospects to the last row of the Sheet)
  • click on Import Now to immediately import any new additions in the Sheet.
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