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Connecting your Pipedrive Account
Connecting your Pipedrive Account

Instruction on connecting Pipedrive Account to Klenty

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Note: CRM integration is not available in the start-up plan.

Klenty has a native integration with Pipedrive that adds a layer of email automation to your sales workflow. 

The integration will help you: 

  1. Import from Pipedrive to Klenty and vice versa

  2. Add prospects and manage cadences directly from Pipedrive

  3. Track activities such as email opens, clicks and replies and create deals/persons for specific triggers.

Setting up the Klenty - Pipedrive integration

  1. In your Klenty account, go to Settings -> Integrations -> CRM and select Pipedrive.

  2. Hit Proceed and it takes you to Pipedrive's website to authorize the integration.

  3. Once after selecting the proceed option you will be taken to the permission page to allow sync to happen between two tools

  4. When on Pipedrive's official page, you can sign in with the credentials and integrate it with Klenty.

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