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How do I pick the right plan for my business?

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Klenty offers four different plans - Startup, Growth, Pro and Enterprise. Irrespective of the plans, you'll be able to send 500 emails/day. There are no limitations on the number of prospects or cadences that you can have


"Startup" plan is your desired plan if workflow consists of sending emails only. You will be able to import prospects via a .csv file and add them to cadence to start sending emails. You'll be able to integrate with other apps via API and Zapier.

This plan is suitable for a small business with a single channel outreach strategy.

StartUp costs $50/month /seat when paid annually upfront.


"Growth" plan is suitable for running basic multi-channel cadences. Apart from the features in Startup, you can now reach your prospects via multiple channels including Calls and LinkedIn, SMS.

This plan comes with various native integrations such as

  • CRM - HubSpot/ Pipedrive/ Zoho/ Salesforce *

  • Google sheets

  • Slack

  • Hippo Video

Please refer to the articles here to understand integrations better.

This plan also includes advanced features that allow you to automate the cadence based on the emails and prospect engagements.

Growth costs $70/month /seat when paid annually upfront.


PRO plan is the most recommended plan. It includes all the Growth features and additionally provides the following features

Pro costs $100 /month /seat when paid annually upfront


"Enterprise" plan works well when you are a huge team. This includes all the features from Startup to Growth, along with exclusive "Monthly customer success review" and IP-based login restrictions.

Reach out to our team to get a customised pricing and quote

The pricing varies for quarterly and annual subscriptions. You can check out our detailed pricing here.

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