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Account-Based Prospect Management
Account-Based Prospect Management

Manage your prospects based on their domains

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Struggling to maintain your prospects who are part of the same domain?

Introducing Account Based Prospect Management to your rescue!

A dedicated section called "Accounts" has been introduced where you get to visualize your prospects grouped in terms of their domain.

  • Account Name - displays the company name

  • Prospects - number of prospects who are part of the same domain/ company

  • Contacted - shows how many prospects were contacted (excludes 'Not contacted')

  • Lists - displays the name of the list to which the prospects belong

  • Labels - Similar to tags for prospects, we have Labels for accounts

  • Scheduled next - shows the date/ time at which the next step (call, task, email) is scheduled

  • Status - displays the status of the Account

  • Last contacted - shows the date and time at which the previous step was executed

Also the custom Account fields can be customized under the View.

How does this work?

  • The accounts will be created based on the company name of the prospect
    ​(Primary Condition)

  • If the company name is not available, then Klenty will fetch the domain name from the field 'Company Domain' or from the prospect's email id
    ​(Secondary Condition)

How to create the Accounts?

  • The accounts will be generated automatically based on the primary or the secondary criteria when you import new prospects

  • And, if the same account already exists - the prospects belonging to the account will be added to the same (no duplicate accounts will be created).

How can I try this out?

This feature is part of all of our existing Plans. The feature is highly recommended to users who do account-based prospecting, setting Goals for the team and Sales Coaching.

Note: Please be aware that the feature is limited in the Start-up Plan. However, the feature is fully accessible in our Other Plans.

In the Start-up Plan, you can view the List of Prospects in the Account and perform the cadence action of emailing. You can also add Lists and tags whereas other actions are restricted.

If you are using Prospect IQ, the Prospects under the accounts can also be enriched.

Other plans: You can perform all actions mentioned in the Startup plan and additional features to view the engagements, create custom fields, view activity history so on.

If you have any questions related to this feature or want to try it please reach our support team on chat or email to

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