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Using text message (SMS) as part of your outreach

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Note: Text messaging is available in Growth and Enterprise plans.

How important is Text messaging for your outreach?

Research shows that the average smartphone user will tap, swipe or click on their phone over 2000 times per day. So irrespective of if your prospects respond or not to text messages, they are definitely noticed and, more importantly, act as an easy point of reference anytime.

While most of the calls either go unattended or reach Voicemail, sending a Text message can easily draw the prospect's attention.

In Klenty, apart from Emails, Calls, Tasks, and LinkedIn tasks, you can now add the most popular mode of communication, Text message, as a step in your Cadences.

Prerequisites to use the Text message feature:

  1. Enable Text Messaging for your team from Settings > Call. Only Admins can enable Text messaging for Owner and Regular accounts. Once enabled, the feature will be active for all users in the team

  2. Buy a number with SMS capability to send text messages. You can purchase the same from Settings > Calls > Buy number

  3. Call credits: Text messages will only use call credits (note: free credits cannot be used for text messaging). Go to Settings > Calls > Credits to check your credits or buy more if needed.

What is the pricing for sending text messages?

We partner with Twilio for calling and text messaging. To know the pricing,

  1. Choose the country you want to send messages from.

  2. Scroll to the bottom & select the country you want to send messages to - that will give you the price for the SMS.

How can I send a Text message from Klenty?

  1. Send a text message from the Prospects page

  • On the Prospects page, click on the prospect you wish to send a message to. Click on the text message icon to begin drafting.

Note: The text message you draft in Klenty can go up to 1600 characters, however, when sending the text, your message will be sent 160 characters at a time. Each message uses one credit. In this case, your message will be sent as ten text messages of 160 characters each, using 10 credits.

2. Schedule text messages as part of a cadence sequence

  1. While adding a step to a cadence, you will now see the option to add a text message.

2. Draft the message you wish to send. You can also use placeholders to personalize the message, just as you would with emails.

Note about placeholders:

  • Use fallback text: this will be used if a prospect doesn't have any data for the placeholder you're selecting.

  • User.Signature and Liquid placeholders cannot be inserted in the text message.

  • Text messages are not sent automatically. You will need to approve the messages.

Where can I approve scheduled text messages?

  • You can approve your text messages both on the Cadence > Task page & Main Task page

  • You can also group all your Text messages on the page by applying Filter > Task type > Text message for easy view

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