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Schedule and make calls. Record and download conversations. Buy a new number or use your own. All without leaving Klenty.

Where can I buy Call credit?Call credit is needed to place calls from Klenty and to purchase numbers.
Text messagingUsing text message (SMS) as part of your outreach
Setting up outbound & incoming VoicemailsLearn how you can create pre-recorded voicemails for VM drop and also create custom voice messages for incoming calls.
Can I make one-off Calls through Klenty?A quick rundown.
Local DialWhat is Local Dial and how to set it up?
Next steps for a completed callChoose the next steps for your prospects after a call
All about Call recordingsWhere to access Call recordings and how to set permissions for it.
How do incoming calls work?What happens when your prospects call you back?
Can I retry a call?
How do I schedule calls as part of my Cadences?Schedule and take calls in a structured manner, as part of your outreach.
Can I use my own number to make calls?Explanation on adding phone numbers.
Handling multiple phone numbers for a prospectA simple setup that lets you import multiple contacts for prospects
Exploring the Power and Efficiency of Parallel DialerOur new and improved version of the dialer changes the way sales professionals connect with prospects.
Understanding Call Credit UsageCall credit consumption, insights into factors influencing the credits deduction
Maximizing Call Efficiency with Klenty's Power DialerMake more calls and spend less time switching between calls
What Do I Do If My Calls Are Being Tagged As "SPAM"?Let's assist you in increasing your answered calls count. Follow these steps to remove the "SPAM" tag.