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Can I make one-off Calls through Klenty?
Can I make one-off Calls through Klenty?

A quick rundown.

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One-off calls are the impromptu calls you make to your prospects - you don't schedule them as part of a cadence.

To make a one-off call:

In your Klenty account, head to Prospects > My Prospects. Search for the prospect you'd like to call from the search bar on the top. Is the Call icon highlighted for the prospect? This button indicates that the prospect has phone number details saved in Klenty.

Click on Call to begin. This button will open the Dialer at the bottom of the page. Click on the Call button to start the call.

If you have multiple numbers added to Klenty, you can choose the number you want to make calls from the drop-up menu next to the calling button.

Once the call ends, choose an appropriate Outcome. Write down any notes if you need to, and click on Save Call.

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