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Local Dial

What is Local Dial and how to set it up?

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Local Dial is available in Growth and Enterprise plans.

What is Local Dial, and why is it necessary?

  • Local Dial is a handy little tool while cold-calling across regions. It automatically chooses a FROM number with a similar country/area code as your prospect's.

  • Local Dial is necessary because it is a very innate behavior to ignore calls from a foreign number due to unfamiliarity. Local Dial reduces this effect by imitating a local presence.

How does Local Dial work?

  • For countries without an area code- For example, if you make calls to India, Klenty picks up a "+91" number if it is available in your list of numbers. If not, Klenty will use your default number to call.

  • For countries with area codes - For example, the USA. If you make calls to New York, Klenty will try to match your FROM number with a "+1 -212" coded number. If that is not available in your purchased list of numbers, it will pick any "+1" number. If the same country number is also unavailable, Klenty will use your default number to call.

How to set up Local Dial in Klenty?

  1. Go to Settings> Calls> Local Dial.

  2. ON the toggle to make Local Dial active for your account.

  3. Once you set it active in Settings, you will be able to see the Local Dial icon on your Dialer.

  4. Further on, you can turn ON and OFF the Local Dial feature on your Dialer before making calls, as and when required, giving you the ease of accessibility.


  • The changes in switching ON and OFF the Local Dial button on the Dialer will not be reflected on the Settings page.

  • This is a user-level feature. Each user in an account can manage their Local Dial feature individually.

If you are on the Startup plan and wish to upgrade, please reach out to us.

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