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Maximizing Call Efficiency with Klenty's Power Dialer
Maximizing Call Efficiency with Klenty's Power Dialer

Make more calls and spend less time switching between calls

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Klenty's Power Dialer is an add-on to the click-to-call Dialer available in plans Growth and above.

The Power Dialer is a focus mode that lets reps blitz through their calls without much manual intervention.

Note – The power dialer will analyze answered calls to distinguish between IVR and human responses.

How the Power Dialer works

Power dialer lets you move between calls much more quickly by reducing the manual clicks involved in completing and moving to the next call.

To begin, you'll need to head to the calls page to start your calls:

Once you start the scheduled calls, you will have the option to choose between Normal, Parallel and Power Dialling where you'll need to select the option of Power Dialling and Start the session.

In the Power Dialer mode, Klenty places the calls for you automatically. Once you complete a call, the dialer automatically moves to the next call.

While starting the session, you can customize and pre-set some options:

  • The number to call from – You can also choose local dial if you are calling multiple regions.

  • Which numbers to call - If you have multiple numbers for prospects, you can choose which ones you want to call.

  • Default country code

  • What to do when a call goes to voicemail.

When a call connects, you can add notes and set outcomes as you would normally.

Ending a Power Dialer session

Once a session is done, you will be presented with stats from the session, including the number of calls made, time spent, and the option to retry calls that were not connected.

In View details for Not Completed Calls, you can see the reason the calls were not connected and retry the calls as well.

Reach out to for a free trial of Power Dialer.

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