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Setting up outbound & incoming Voicemails
Setting up outbound & incoming Voicemails

Learn how you can create pre-recorded voicemails for VM drop and also create custom voice messages for incoming calls.

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With the Voicemail feature, you will be able to send perfectly crafted voicemails to your prospects every time with minimal effort. Avoid wasting time recording the same voicemail again and again, and instead, drop a pre-recorded voice mail with a click of a button.

For Outbound Voicemail:

To create pre-recorded voicemails, head to Settings > Calls > Voicemail > + Record new voicemail.

Doing so, a dialog box opens up as shown below. Click on the Start recording button to record your voicemail.

Once you are done, click on the Stop recording button and hit Save Recording as shown below. This will create the pre-recorded voicemail. You can also give a name for the pre-recorded voicemail. Like this, you can create many pre-recorded voicemails, if required.

Now that you've created the pre-recorded voicemails, let's see how you can drop them in your prospects' voicemail box. While calling your prospects from Klenty, if they are unavailable to answer, you can click on the Voicemail icon, select the required pre-recorded voicemail and click on it. Your voicemail has now been successfully dropped in your prospects' voicemail box.

For Inbound Voicemail:

Klenty also lets you create a custom voice message that you want your prospects to hear when they try to leave a voicemail for you. This ensures that you don't miss out on potential customers while you are away. Let your prospects get back to you through voicemail, and you'll be notified instantly.

To create a custom voice message, head to Settings > Calls > Incoming Voicemail > + Record custom voice message

Get Instant in-app notification when a prospect leaves you a voice mail. Click on the Notification bell icon to view the notifications.

You would also be able to see the voicemails you have received from the Calls section inside the Multi-Channel Inbox page, as shown below:

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