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Where can I buy Call credit?
Where can I buy Call credit?

Call credit is needed to place calls from Klenty and to purchase numbers.

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Credits enable you to purchase a number (if you do not have one already) and start making calls in Klenty.

To purchase credits:

In your Klenty account, head to Settings > Calls > Credits and Top-ups. Under Credits, choose the option Purchase credits.

A new popup box will appear, using which you can choose the dollar value for how much you wish to buy the credit for and then hit on the Buy option.

You will receive a confirmation message. On confirmation, the card you use for your subscription will be charged.

Enabling Auto Top-Up:

Auto Top-up enables you to automatically refill your credits every time they fall below a particular threshold value. Click on the Toggle button - once it goes green it means your account auto top-up has been enabled.

To change the threshold, hit the Edit option indicated in the above screenshot.

Set a dollar value for how much you want top-up every time, and then give a threshold value below which you’d like to trigger Auto Top-up. Click on save.

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