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Next steps for a completed call
Next steps for a completed call

Choose the next steps for your prospects after a call

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From in cadence call section, you will be able to place calls. To do the same follow -

InCadence (cadence name) > Calls > Call prospect.

Once you choose the option Call Prospect, you will be redirected to a different page from where you can place the call, once you hang up - you will be given options to Add notes, the Status of the call, and the Next step regarding what needs to be done.

In the Next step, you can find options like

  • Continue Cadence - Allows the prospect to continue in the same cadence.

  • Stop Cadence - Stops the cadence for that one particular prospect

  • Move to another Cadence - Moves from one cadence to another cadence.

When chosen Move to another Cadence will be projected with a popup where you can choose to which cadence the prospect needs to be moved to.

You can either choose to start the cadence immediately by selecting the option "Start cadence" or start at a later date by selecting the "Start later" option.

To Note: Always preview before starting a prospect in a new cadence.

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