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All about Call recordings
All about Call recordings

Where to access Call recordings and how to set permissions for it.

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Where can I access my Call recordings?

You will be able to access all your call recordings from Calls > Completed > Purpose > Audio player,

If you click on More in the Audio player, you will be able to download the recorded audio to your personal computer in .wav format and control the playback speed of the recording.


  • The calls will be recorded for Answered, Incoming call, and Voicemail Received call statuses.

  • Call recordings won't work with free credits. You need to purchase credits to access it.

How to set permissions for Call recording?

  • If you are in a team, call-related user permissions can be granted to the regular users only by the team's admin/owner.

  • If you are an admin or an owner, to provide permissions, head to Settings > Admin > Calls > Call permissions,

  • Recording incoming and outgoing calls for all users - If the owner/admin toggles off/on this option, Call recording will be disabled/enabled for all users included in the account by default.

  • Manage individual call recording - If the owner/admin checks this box, users in the account will be able to manage their Call recording setting individually.

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