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Exploring the Power and Efficiency of Parallel Dialer
Exploring the Power and Efficiency of Parallel Dialer

Our new and improved version of the dialer changes the way sales professionals connect with prospects.

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Parallel Dialer revolutionises outbound communication for businesses by allowing simultaneous calling to multiple contacts, boosting efficiency and enhancing customer engagement.

Note: Click on the GIF to watch a complete video regarding our Parallel Dialer.

How Does The Parallel Dialer Work:

Parallel Dialer works in such a way to reduce the calling pattern of one by one.

To begin parallel dialling, you'll need to head to the calls page to start your calls:

Once you begin the calls, you'll have the option to choose between Normal and Parallel Dialling where you'll need to select the option of Parallel Dialling and Start the session.

How Many Calls Can I Start Session With Parallel Dialer:

When you click on start session, you will be able to choose the number of calls you'd like to dial using the dialer along with the option to dial out from the number of your choice and an option to perform local dial that matches the prospect area code.

Additionally, if you have an alternative phone number of the prospect, you get to dial out to that number as well, if you have added the phone field in the settings.

In Klenty, you'd be able to call 5 prospects at a time and start the session at a minimum of 2 calls at a time, where if one picks up the call, the rest of the calls will end and will only resume if you proceed to resume the session for the next batch of prospects.

Klenty would also show you a quick reference on the calling side with the number of calls that got connected and the number of calls that were attended but were not picked up.

Once the call ends, you will be able to post notes, and outcomes for the call as how you would be posting for a normal call once the session ends.

Additional Settings To Know About Before Beginning The Session

When you are about to start calling using Klenty's Parallel Dialer, you get options to:

Continue to dial other prospects – When a call is answered, the other calls will still be ringing and if it gets picked up while you are active on a call, you get to choose to continue on the same call or join the other call.

Automatic Voicemail Detection – Upon a call dialling out and once it moves to the prospect's voicemail; the Parallel dialer will detect the voicemail of the prospect and drop a message after the beep automatically.

You get to choose between moving to the next call without dropping a voicemail mail or you can drop a pre-recorded voicemail you have saved in your call settings.

For dropping voicemails to your prospects you can mark them as completed by having the check box intact so that your calls will be marked completed when Voicemail is detected.

What happens when you end the session entirely

Klenty provides you with a report consisting of the number of calls completed vs the number of calls that weren't; where you also get an option to retry the calls that weren't attended along with the reason for the calls that weren't completed.

In View details for Not Completed Calls, you can see the reason the calls were not connected and retry the calls as well.

Just like the parallel dialer, we do have a power dialer functionality that lets you to call your prospects one by one sequentially

Sounds Interesting and you'd like to try it out?

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