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Importing Prospects from Pipedrive
Importing Prospects from Pipedrive

Instructions on importing Prospects from Pipedrive using filters

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Before you begin:

  1. Make sure that your Pipedrive account is connected to Klenty (You can refer to this article if you need help with setting up the integration)                                                

  2. Ensure that you have at least one People or Deals filter in Pipedrive for the People you want to import to Klenty

There are two ways of importing Pipedrive Contacts into Klenty:  

  1. From Klenty

  2. From within Pipedrive using our App Extension  

Import from your Klenty account

1. Go to ProspectsAdd prospects,

From the next page choose the option "Import from Pipedrive" - in the next popup, you will be presented with the option from which filter you would like to import the prospects.

What data does each filter bring in?

  • Lead filter - Will bring the data associated with the leads in Pipedrive (Note: archived leads will not be considered)

  • People filter - Will bring the data associated with the person in Pipedrive

  • Deal filter - Will bring the data of the deals and the associated person in Pipedrive

  • Organization filter - Will bring the organization data and the associated persons

Here data refers to the data present in the fields. Make sure the field mapping is completed before the import is done.

2. Using the 'Assign to' option

This allows you to choose the prospect owner based on the Person / Deal owner in Pipedrive.

How does it work?

  • When you import the prospects to Klenty, by default you become the prospect owner in Klenty. Using this "Assign To" you can assign the prospect owner to a particular teammate or choose "Person Owner" or "Deal Owner"

  • This works when you have a team in Klenty and the teammates have their individual Pipedrive accounts connected

3. Add the prospects to an existing Prospect list/tags or to a new one and then click on Import

Once the import is completed you can find the recent imports under the Prospects --> Import History section

Import options

  • Toggle on Auto import to automatically add prospects to Klenty when the Imported filter is updated. (Note: We check your Pipedrive filter for updates every 6 hours)

  • Click on Import Now to immediately import updates from the filter to Klenty.

Import Contacts from within Pipedrive 

With our App extension for Pipedrive, you can directly add People to Klenty from within Pipedrive: 

  1. In your Pipedrive account, click on Contacts -> People

  2. Select the Contacts that you want to send to Klenty and click on the 3 dots at the top right corner and choose to Add to Klenty

  3. Choose a list & tag, Assign to and then proceed with the import

You can also use the chrome plugin to add contacts from Pipedrive to Klenty from the People page.

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