To map Pipedrive fields into Klenty, go to Settings -> CRM -> Pipedrive.

The standard fields (Name, Organization, Phone, and Email) will be automatically mapped. Map any custom fields you’d like to add to the prospects while importing to Klenty. You get to map Person, Deal, and Organization fields to Klenty.

Note: You will not be able to make any changes in the default fields like Name, Organization, Phone, and Email.

The other custom fields can be mapped to a respective Klenty field. Regular users may not have this option as it's restricted only to the Owner and Admin of the team. Reach out to them to have these fields mapped.

Similar mapping is available for Organizations and Deals well.

Creating a Custom Field for mapping:

  • Click on the dropdown next to the corresponding field and you will find the option to "Create custom field"

  • Once the field is created, you should be able to map the Pipedrive field to the corresponding Klenty field

Setting up Two-way sync for the Pipedrive and Klenty fields

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