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What is an Email Add-On? How is it different from a License or Seat?
What is an Email Add-On? How is it different from a License or Seat?

Differences between an "Email Add-On" and a "License".

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In Klenty, you will have to connect your email account to be able to send emails.

Email Add-Ons

An "Email Add-on" is the additional email account that you connect to an existing Klenty account. The purpose of an Email add-on is to increase the volume of emails you can send per day distributing across the connected email addresses.

For every Klenty account, you can purchase up to two Email add-ons. This is in addition to the default email slot of 500 emails a day that you will get in your Klenty account.

For example, in all of our plans, you can send out only 500 emails a day by default. By purchasing an Email add-on, you can connect another email address and send out 500/1000 more emails split accross the connected email addresses to your Klenty account.

With two connected email accounts, you can now send 1000 emails/day (500/day from each email account).

To connect an Email add-on, head to Settings > Email settings > Email Account > Add an Email account.

Seats / Licenses

A "Seat" is an additional Klenty account. It's adding a new user to Klenty.

With a sales team of about 4-5 people, you may want to buy a "Seat" (or a separate Klenty account) for each person in the team.

That's when you buy a "Seat" or a "License".

To add seats to your team, head to Settings > Team settings > Team members,

  • Give a Team name

  • Invite your teammates

  • Hit "Invite"

Important Note: When you're in a "Team" in Klenty, the Email add-ons purchased will apply to every user in the team.

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