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What is an Email Add-On? How is it different from a License or Seat?
What is an Email Add-On? How is it different from a License or Seat?

Differences between an "Email Add-On" and a "License".

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In Klenty, you will have to connect your email account to be able to send emails.

Email Add-Ons

An "Email Add-on" is the additional email account that you connect to an existing Klenty account. The purpose of an Email add-on is to increase the volume of emails you can send per day.

For every Klenty account, you can connect up to two Email add-ons. This is in addition to the default email account that you connect to your Klenty account.

For example, in all of our plans, you can connect only one email account by default. By purchasing an Email add-on, you can connect a second email account to your Klenty account.

With two connected email accounts, you can now send 1000 emails/day (500/day from each email account).

To connect an Email add-on, head to Settings > Email settings > Email Account > Add an Email account.

Seats / Licenses

A "Seat" is an additional Klenty account. It's adding a new user to Klenty.

With a sales team of about 4-5 people, you may want to buy a "Seat" (or a separate Klenty account) for each person in the team.

That's when you buy a "Seat" or a "License".

To add seats to your team, head to Settings > Team settings > Team members,

  • Give a Team name

  • Invite your teammates

  • Hit "Invite"

Important Note: When you're in a "Team" in Klenty, the Email add-ons purchased will apply to every user in the team.

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