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Connecting Multiple Mailboxes
Connecting Multiple Mailboxes

Send cadence emails from different connected email addresses

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Email as a channel for outreach requires some forethought, like the volume of emails, the email account you'll send from, etc. Klenty provides the ability to send emails from different email ids for the same user.

How many email accounts would I be able to connect?

The number of allowed email accounts depends on your plan.

  • Startup – up to 3 email accounts

  • Growth – up to 5 email accounts

  • Pro and Enterprise – up to 10 email accounts

Users who signed up before December 15, 2023 would have had a limit of 1 email account per user. The revised limits are now available for all accounts.

Setting up daily email limit

You can set up the daily email limit for each email account that you connect to Klenty. To set it up, go to Settings -> Email Settings.

The email limit setting determines how many emails you can send in total, from all the email accounts that you've connected.

To set up daily limits for each mailbox, use the Daily email limit per mailbox setting.

Can I send more than 500 emails a day?

To increase you daily email limit, you can purchase the email add-on. Each add-on allows you to send another 500 emails per day.

Automatic Mailbox rotation - New:

In our continuous effort to enhance user experience, we're also excited to share that a future update will introduce automatic Mailbox rotation.
This feature will intelligently rotate between your connected inboxes, optimizing your outreach without manual intervention.

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