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Team-Wide Cadence: How can Multiple Users in the team use the same Cadence?
Team-Wide Cadence: How can Multiple Users in the team use the same Cadence?

Description on running a centralized campaign as a team.

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A single cadence for the entire team means unified workflow, consolidated reporting, and better efficiency.

If multiple users in your team are working on the same cadence, here's how they can set up the workflow:

To start with, each user on the team should have connected their email accounts to their respective Klenty accounts.

Next, make sure each user has a "Default" signature set up on their respective Klenty accounts. Click here to understand how to set up signatures.

Now, you're good to go.

Head to the Cadence > "Step Settings" > "Assign to" > choose the option as "Default" or "Prospect Owner",

Default: This ensures that the email address is dynamically picked up based on the user who starts prospects in this cadence. This means that when a user starts a set of prospects in the cadence - these prospects will be emailed from the respective user's email address.

Prospect Owner: This ensures that the email address of the respective prospects' owner is picked. The prospects will be emailed from the respective prospect owners.

Note: Do not forget to check the box "Copy this setting for all emails in this cadence" - so that the option you choose is copied to all steps in this cadence automatically.

With this, we've completed the first part of the setup.

The next part of the setup is about Signatures.

When multiple users are sending emails from the same cadence, the signatures need to be replaced automatically based on the email sender.

This is where User Placeholders help.

Head to the "Placeholder" section at the bottom of the email composing window > Switch to the "User" tab > Signature.

This will insert the signature into the cadence like as shown in the screenshot below.

Now, with this placeholder, Klenty will automatically replace the default signature of the respective email sender.

Here's an example:

Let's say, David added a set of prospects to this cadence. This set of prospects will have David as the email sender.

Now, as David is the sender of these emails, Klenty will check for the default signature created on his account - and replace this {{user.signature}} placeholder with his signature at the time of sending the email.

That way, your emails are sent perfectly from the right email address and the right signature.

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