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Schedule IQ Settings
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Connecting your Zoom account to Klenty

If you want to host the meetings on your Zoom account, you need to connect your Zoom with the Schedule IQ. You can choose this to be a default location for all your meetings or customize them.

Calendar link for prospects to access

Once you have connected your calendar account, you will need to provide a name to your link in order for the prospects to access the link and book a meeting:

The calendar event for the event would be - having the name added after the forward-slash.

Setting your default meeting location

You can set your default location for your meetings. If you have connected your Google calendar, by default Google Meet will be set as your meeting location.

Once you connect your Zoom account, you get to choose between Google Meet and Zoom. You can also set your location for each event while creating a new event.

Note - The same option is applicable for MS Teams, once you connect your Outlook account, you will be able to choose the location as per your preference between Ms Teams and Zoom.

Calendar Time Zone

You can set your default calendar Time Zone. By default, the events are scheduled based on the timezone you have selected here. However, the scheduler for your prospects will show based on their browser time zone

Marking your Availability

You can set your default available hours for all events in general. This will make sure the prospects don't book calls out of your office time.

Adding Buffer time for your events

With this option, you will be able to book meetings having a time gap between your first and other subsequent meetings.

💡Quick Tip

Google Meet - To choose Google Meet as your meeting location, you have to connect your Google calendar

Ms Teams - To choose MS Teams as your meeting location, you have to connect your Outlook Calendar

Zoom - If you have not connected any Calendar, you can still connect Zoom and choose it as your meeting location

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