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Create Cadence - Build using KAI

Create your personalised cadences in less than 2 mins - Includes personalisation of emails, LinkedIn messages and call prompts

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Where do I start?

Choose Cadences --> Create Cadence --> Build using KAI

When this option is selected, It lets you go through the Blueprint category to choose one, KAI will compose the content for you in line with the blueprint and finally preview the composed cadence.

The cadence outline can be chosen from the Blueprint categories.

Here add a brief description of your Company, prompts about the company's value proposition and can include a meeting link as well. The same will be used as reference while generating other cadences. Click Continue

Once composed, preview and generate cadence or click on try again to generate a new template for the step you're reviewing.

Choose Continue and then Create Cadence - Your cadence will be created. You can make changes to the LinkedIn messages and Call description after the cadence got created.

More options: From the Review Steps page you get to perform the following actions

  1. Leave a review about the AI generated content - Good or Bad

  2. Improve - Choose to improve the email content, you can provide more prompts like Translate to, shorten the email, etc

  3. Review your Inputs and generate email - You can update the company information that was given before and generate a new email

  4. Generate another variation of this email - You can choose to generate a different variation of the email

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