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Customize Cadence Emails using Account Placeholders
Customize Cadence Emails using Account Placeholders

Tailoring Cadence Emails through Account-Specific Customization

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Besides the default placeholders, you can also use accounts for custom fields to be used as placeholders in your templates and target your audience easily.

How Can Placeholders help me with Accounts Based?

Crafting a more personalized approach, imagine having the ability to focus on a specific group of accounts tailored to your preferences. This involves incorporating elements of personalization, akin to how you would add placeholders to customize your emails for potential clients.

How Do I Create And Implement An Accounts Custom Field On My Email Template?

You can create custom fields for accounts if you need additional fields. Here’s how you can add a custom accounts field and use it in a template.

Upon importing prospects from the designated account into a cadence, the email template will dynamically substitute the account-specific placeholder with the precise value added to the corresponding field.

An advisable practice is to preview the cadence before its initialization. This allows for a thorough review of the email template, complete with the newly inserted account placeholders, prior to commencing the process.

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